Queer Prom 2023


A safe space for your authentic self

Queer Safe Spaces took the lead in organizing a Queer Prom last Pride Month 2023 — a transformative event that embraces inclusivity and creates a supportive environment where everyone can feel safe and empowered.

Here's what our Queer Prom 2023 attendees say

"As someone who has always struggled with acceptance and judgment in traditional prom settings, attending Queer Prom was a breath of fresh air. The atmosphere you created made me feel safe, supported, and celebrated for being my authentic self. It was truly empowering to be in an environment where my sexuality wasn't judged or questioned.”

"I’m in the process of self-acceptance and seeing how many queer are there personally and not just online, empowers me with love and proud that I’m not alone in our community.”

"This is the first time I’ve ever felt so seen as part of the LGBTQ+ community. I never thought I’d experience dancing with the one I love and receive no judgement from anyone. I was able to be me, without having to think about fitting the society’s normal standards. I came to prom as me, the imperfect queer person, and was accepted by everyone.”

"As a person who has not fully come out to my family, this event gave me that momentary experience of being out and proud with fellow queers alike. Aside from this, I was able to achieve a dream any rom-com fan can relate with, which is being able to ask someone to prom and attending it with a date they're happy to be with along with the feeling of harboring butterflies in my stomach as it was a thrilling and unforgettable experience.”

"This event made me feel that I am not alone, that I have a place to share my winnings and be supported at my loses, that I too can experience attending events that will not discriminate. Made me more confident to make friends too which I find it hard to do so but in one event, I made a lot of connection.”